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At Investigative Services of Nebraska/ South Dakota/Iowa, a wide array of services are available. Listed below are just a few...

Are you an employer who wishes to "check-in" on the recovery status of an employee with an extended work injury that is costing you money?

Arrest records, driving records, pending and past court cases...if there was any involvement with the law, we can find it. If you are an employer..."protect your business." If you are wondering who it is you are dating or marrying..."protect your future."

Do you wish to know what websites someone in your family is viewing? Are your employees working while on the computer or doing personal acitivites on company time? We can install this for school computers or for Law Enforcement purposes. We can monitor emails, websites, instant messages, internet chat, searches, and screen shots of actual websites that were visited. The program is installed on the suspect computer and is monitored at our office live. It will not be detected by Anti-Virus software or anyone. Done within the legalities of the law.

We have the capability to recover hidden and erased information from most computers and cell phones.

Do you wish to look further into a case classified by others as "Open and Shut," because you still have questions and doubts?

Are you an individual or an insurance company that wants another opinion?

Cant' seem to get more than an "Initial Report" taken from the police? Do you feel more could be done to find out where the theft or fraud is originating from and who is responsible?

Are you in need of surveillance of a person or business? Sometimes, it just takes more to find the truth. Surveillance conducted by vehicles, boat, camper, motorcycle, ATV or plane.

All aspects of this area from follow-up to re-interviewing subjects are provided.

Divorce, pending divorce, or family issues are dealt with.

Locate missing people for a court appearance, heirs to wills, lost loved ones, or subpoenas.

My services provide gathering written or recorded statements. Recorded statements are done with digital voice recorders, which are then transferred to a CD format for easier reproduction and listening ease, with the least amount of playback distortion. Photos are taken with digital capabilities. Digitals are developed without delay in my own processing center. Photos can be developed on photo paper or transferred to Compact Disc format.

Threats, bribes, extortion, blackmail? Telephonic violations can be recorded within the legalities of the law.

Do you want to know what your teenager is doing with your vehicle? Do you have suspicions on your spouse's whereabouts? Are you a business owner who wants to know where your company vehicle is spending it's time? I can track any vehicle by GPS - Global Positioning System - tracking. You can see vehicle movement, speed, route taken, duration, and location of all stops including time and dates, confirmed by Satellites. Accomplished within the law.

Does it seem like the competition always has you beat to the punch? Does it seem like people know what you are doing or what was said, when they weren't even around you during that time? Any room can be checked to see if there is a hidden wireless phone, cell phone, or body bugs (audio recording devices) and video transmitters (hidden wireless cameras). 50Mhz to 3Ghz can be detected.

Technology behond belief! Cameras and Microphones can be hidden anywhere. Want to watch the nanny or babysitter? Do you need to know what is really going on when you are not around? This is the answer. Video recordings are done on either a DVD format or VHS, depending upon the type of case or length of the recording. All recordings are done within the standards of the law.

ISNSD has two Licensed Polygraph (Lie Detector) Examiners on staff. One Examiner is a Forensic Psycho- Physiologist and the other is licensed in four states and has performed over 33,000 polygraph exams since 1967. As with all services offered, ISNSD makes polygraphs affordable!

Need help recovering stolen property? Just another in this long list of services I can help with. If you have assets awarded to you by the legal system, if your divorce is messy and your partner is hiding valuables, I will provide the efficient and discrete assistance you have been searching for.

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