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Our Mission

At Investigative Services of Nebraska/South Dakota/Iowa, there are three things we strive for:

  • Information
  • Facts
  • Truth

It is our business to find what can not be found, uncover what has been hidden, and...lead you to the truth.

Company Profile

I started this business with one thing in mind:

"I live for justice, truth, and the American Way."

All my life, I have worked with or for the United States Government, State, City, or County Governments. I have great pride for the service I have contributed to these entities. Throughout my career, I have learned most investigation agencies can spend only so much time or money on the majority of cases. It also depends upon the investigating agencies pre-existing case load or perhaps, the experience of the particular deputy or officer. The advantage of hiring a State Licensed Private Detective is the fact that, "I work for you and you decide how far you want the case or follow-up to go."


Licensed in Nebraska and Iowa - offices in South Dakota with affiliates in all 50 States.



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