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Would you hire someone you didn't know to help you with, or to solve a serious incident that has happened to you, a family member, or your company? When was the last time you called a police officer or sheriff for help and asked to see his/her resume before they started the investigation for you? I would like to take the time and let you interview me.

I am a Former Marine in the United States Marine Corps and understand determination, motivation and integrity.  I spent four years in the Marine Corps during the time of Beruit. I attended the Non-Commissioned Officer's Course through The Marine Corps Institute in Washington, D.C., and attended Non-Commissioned Officer's School.  I received one Meritorious Mast, 3 Meritorious Promotions, 1 Meritorious Unit Citation, the Good Conduct Medal, and 16 Letters of Appreciation or Appreciation of Service.

I served as a State Certified Police Officer in Arizona for over six years in a large department.  I was a Patrol Officer for the first three years.  During the first three years, some of the duties I was assigned were on  S.E.T., (Special Enforcement Team or what you may know as S.W.A.T., Special Weapons and Tactics Team.) I investigated homicides, suicides, domestic violence, runaway juveniles, missing people, thefts, assaults, burglary, and armed robbery, to name a few items of experience.  I collected evidence and processed the crime scenes.  During murder, suicide or traffic fatality cases, I collected photos and evidence during the autopsies of the cases.  I also had occasion to work in plain clothes undercover surveillance, and as a plain clothes narcotics officer.  The next three and a half years, I was a Motorcycle Patrol Officer.  My duties  specialized in driving under the influence of alcohol cases, horizontal gaze nystagmus testing, field sobriety testing, traffic accidents and fatality accidents.

I then became a Sergeant and Patrol Supervisor of a Sheriff's Office in Nebraska, where I worked homicide, suicide, traffic fatality and driving under the influence cases.  Cold case or, "dead-end cases" were my specialty.  Another area of expertise I offer is interrogation and interviewing of subjects and suspects.

In my police career, I have attended 23 advancement schools, ranging from City, State, FBI, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and D-Tac Defense Systems.  I have received 11 Letters of Appreciation, 8 letters of Accommodation, and the Distinguished Firearms Expert Award. I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon in 32 states and qualify on the firing range each year.   All of these accomplishments are on file and available for your review.

In addition to my extensive training and expertise, I have five investigators on staff, all of whom augment the services offered by ISNSD. One is a 15-year Veteran of the South Dakota Highway Patrol, one is a 23-year Veteran (retired) from the IRS, and the other obtains various Court Records needed for investigative purposes. We have a computer technician who can recover lost or erased data on all computers as well as a cell phone technician who can recover text messages from cell phones. ISNSD also contracts with two transcriptionists who prepare typewritten, legible reports for clients and court proceedings when necessary.

As for my rates and pricing of my services, I encourage you to "shop" around. I take pride in the prices I charge. My prices are comparable to those who are not even a State Licensed Private Detective.

I want to work for you and do the best possible job for you. All consultations are free. Call 1.800.475.0017 or email me at Credit cards are also accepted.

I look forward to serving you. I strive for Information, Facts, and Truth. It is my business to find out what can not be found, uncover what has been hidden, and lead you to the truth.



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